Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Installing Kies On a System Running Windows OS (Applies to Windows XP, Vista & 7)

Kies is a software used to Backup and Manage content in your Phone through PC. Kies is used to upgrade to the Latest Firmware of your Device.
People are facing problems when installing Kies. Inorder to overcome the installation problem, there are steps to be done before installing Kies. Below you will find the steps to install Kies.

Components Required to install Kies and run smoothly.

01). Download and install Windows Imaging Component (WIC)
02). Windows .Net Framework 4 or above is needed to run Kies smoothly. Download it from here.

Download Kies from here.

Step by Step Guide to Install Kies

01). First, Windows Imaging Component (WIC) has to be installed. Go the folder where WIC got saved and double click on it and install. Upon double clicking, follow the instructions that pops up to install.

02). Now open the folder where .Net Framework has been saved and double click on it and install. Upon Double clicking, follow the instructions to install

03). Look for the folder where Kies was saved. Double click on Kies and follow the instructions to install. A progress bar will appear which will extract the necessary files to install Kies. Now, you will have a Kies InstallShield Wizard. Select the language and click Next.

04). You will now be shown Kies License Agreement and Destination Folder. You can change the folder where you wish to install Kies rather than the specified folder. Check the License Agreement and click Next

05). You will now see the Setup Files running and Kies being Installed within a few seconds.

After successful installation of Kies, you can now connect your Phone via USB Cable.

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