Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Official Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDKQ8 Update for Galaxy Ace India

Much waited and latest Official Firmware for Galaxy Users in India is now rolled out through Kies. Firmware Version named as Gingerbread 2.3.6

PDA:   S5830DDKQ8                                
Phone: S5830DDKQ8
CSC:   S5830DDKQ7

So, its time for all Galaxy Ace Users to go 
ahead and update their phone to this newer version using Kies. 

Note: Incase your having a Custom ROM or your Phone has been rooted, the rooting access will not reverted. Now that your warranty will be reclaimed. 

Changes you will find after upgrading to Gingerbread 2.3.6
(i). Improved Battery Life
(ii). Call Log icon in the Main Screen will be replaced with a Newer Icon
(iii). Lock Screen has been changed which will now resemble the Screen Lock of Galaxy S2
Not sure of other changes for now.

Since your upgrading through Kies none of your Phone Data will get erased. Its always safe to Backup your Phone contents. Remove your Memory Card & Sim Card so that you will not get a call or other stuff when the upgrade process is on.

Tools can be used to Backup Data.
(i). Contacts can be backed up using KIES.
(ii). Messages can be backed up using an App called SMS BACKUP & RESTORE.
(iii). Installed Applications can be backed up using ASTRO FILE MANAGER.

Steps to upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3.6 using Kies.

01). Download and install Kies if you already haven't installed. Kies should always have the latest version inorder to upgrade to the latest firmware available. If your facing problems installing Kies, follow the link on  Steps to Install Kies
02). Connect your Phone to PC using USB Cable. Once connected, Kies will automatically detect your Phone and a dialog box will popup stating the Latest Firmware available.

03). Click on Update and another dialog box will popup asking for confirmation.

04). Click on agree to the terms and conditions and proceed.

05). Kies mite ask you to backup your Contacts & Bookmarks. You can backup if you wish else proceed without backing up.

06). It would take about an hour to complete the Upgrade Process based on your Internet Connection Speed.

07). Kies would first prepare for firmware upgrade. Next it would download the firmware and comes the last part where it would install the downloaded firmware.

08). Once the firmware has been downloaded and installed, you would get a dialog box popping up stating to disconnect the phone and reconnect once the boots up.

09). Time to unplug the phone and wait till your Phone starts.

10). You can check the firmware by dialing *#1234#

11). You would get the version as
PDA:    S5830DDKQ8
Phone:  S5830DDKQ8

CSC:    S5830DDKQ7

12). If you reconnect the phone to PC, Kies would show you the latest firmware details.

13). You can now restore your Contacts if needed.

14). Upgrading via Kies will not delete your Phone contents.

Enjoy using Galaxy Ace with this New Official Firmware Gingerbread 2.3.6 DDKQ8

Installing Kies On a System Running Windows OS (Applies to Windows XP, Vista & 7)

Kies is a software used to Backup and Manage content in your Phone through PC. Kies is used to upgrade to the Latest Firmware of your Device.
People are facing problems when installing Kies. Inorder to overcome the installation problem, there are steps to be done before installing Kies. Below you will find the steps to install Kies.

Components Required to install Kies and run smoothly.

01). Download and install Windows Imaging Component (WIC)
02). Windows .Net Framework 4 or above is needed to run Kies smoothly. Download it from here.

Download Kies from here.

Step by Step Guide to Install Kies

01). First, Windows Imaging Component (WIC) has to be installed. Go the folder where WIC got saved and double click on it and install. Upon double clicking, follow the instructions that pops up to install.

02). Now open the folder where .Net Framework has been saved and double click on it and install. Upon Double clicking, follow the instructions to install

03). Look for the folder where Kies was saved. Double click on Kies and follow the instructions to install. A progress bar will appear which will extract the necessary files to install Kies. Now, you will have a Kies InstallShield Wizard. Select the language and click Next.

04). You will now be shown Kies License Agreement and Destination Folder. You can change the folder where you wish to install Kies rather than the specified folder. Check the License Agreement and click Next

05). You will now see the Setup Files running and Kies being Installed within a few seconds.

After successful installation of Kies, you can now connect your Phone via USB Cable.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Samsung Phones

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Tips to increase Samsung Galaxy Ace Battery Life

Are you finding it real hard to stick on with Samsung Galaxy Ace just because of the Battery which drains faster than you expected?
No more Worries!! Here are some Tips on it to get a more standing charge than you ever had since the time you bought the phone.
Make sure you follow the points below to get the outcome. This would get the job done rather going for an App. Apps designed for this won't get you the best ever. Trust me!
The best part most of us would have figured about the phone is its look not less than an Apple iPhone but when we talk about the Battery Life, Ace is nowhere nearer to Apple iPhone though Ace has 1350mAh of Battery Power.
Its good for a Processor like 800 MHz to have a Battery Capacity of more than 2500mAh. Best would be 3000mAh. Samsung Galaxy Ace failed here but we can always work it out though not to the maximum.

  • Never overcharge your Phone. It takes 3 hours for a full charge and do not unplug the phone from charger during this time period. 
  • If you unplug your Phone from charger without a full charge then its highly recommended to use to the Phone till you drain the Battery for the next charge.
  • Always drain your Battery before a charge could take place. Its good if you charge your Phone when it reaches 10% of Charge left.
  • Use Electric Power Outlet to charge the Phone. USB Charging can be neglected as it spoils Battery Life and the Battery.
  • Never place a Sim Card or any other stuff on top of your Battery and cover it. This is another point you always got to keep in mind as many of us keep a Paper or Sim Card on top of the Battery and cover it with the Panel.
  • It is also not appreciated to pull your Battery Off and put it back frequently as all the Batteries have a Golden Notch Pins that touches the Phone's Pin and contacts. These Pins provide charge to the Phone so the more you care, the more you're benefited. 
  • Use Batteries specified for your Phone. Always look for the Manufacturer Store to get Original Batteries. Never let yourself getting cheated by getting cheap Batteries and spoiling the life of the Phone and causing damage to it.
  • Disable 3G, GPS, Wifi, Packet Data, Bluetooth & Sync when not in use. Enable it when needed. These drain the Battery quickly and thus results in poor Battery Life.
  • Choose GSM Mode and not Dual Mode. Selecting Dual Mode will be searching for Ranges available and thus results in poor Battery Life.
  • Change your Screen Brightness to Zero and not to automated as this to drains your Battery. Screen Timeout can be selected to 15 seconds. These can be done by going to Home > Menu > Settings > Display > Brightness and Screen Timeout.
  • Keep an eye on the Running Services to Force Stop Services that would no longer be in use. Do it with much caution as you might stop essential services.
  • Clear RAM Memory to gain Space and Battery.

By following the above steps you will be saving Battery Power which would result in increase of your Battery Life. Additionally, if you have any other Tips please share it so the other readers would get more benefited.
If you have any queries, feel free to contact me.